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12 Volt, 60/80 Amp Relay and Socket
12 Volt, 60/80 Amp Relay and Socket


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$93.47 7.5% $18.6942
$171.79 15% $17.1785
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Coleman Air

Add more relays to your Coleman Air Controller or use this relay in hundreds of other DC applications.
e AP
8 inch -- 12, 14 and 16 AWG WIRE INTER-LOCKABLE HARNESS

80 Amps Normally Open - Up to 30 volts DC
60 Amps Normally Closed - Up to 30 volts DC

12 to 15 volts DC

This is the same relay and harness that ships with the new Coleman Air C160M and is fully compatible with our kits. They handle twice as much current as the standard 30/40 amp relay, yet are easily energized using our kit boards.

Please note: We rewire these harnesses with the following color code for direct use with our controllers.

Red wire = Center post (common)
Black wire = Normally open contact (N/O)
White wire = Normal closed contact (N/C)
Blue and Yellow wire = Relay Coil.





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C440-HVAD HVA Digital C440-440 A Amp/Volt Wind/Solar Battery Charge Controller
The digital version of the C440-HVA
Wind/Solar Diversion-Charge Load Controller.
440 Amp (In rush) Solenoid 12, 24 or 48 volts.
Digital interface.
2 x 16 LCD with auto on/off switch.
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Reverse polarity protected.
Not recommended for use with lithium battery banks.

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